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The Silver Salmon run on the Tsiu River is an extremely strong, long-lasting run that occurs from early August through the end of October.
Fly equipment or casting or spinning equipment is used. Eight or nine weight fly rods are preferred with high capacity reels (to accommodate those long rocket runs!) Medium weight casting and spinning gear are recommended for the Silvers. More detailed information can be found in our gear list.
The Silver Salmon are by far our most numerous and popular game fish; however, there are also Dolly Varden Char and Pink Salmon in the river.
Absolutely! The limit is four Silver Salmon per day and a total of eight in possession for the trip. All fish cleaning and freezing occur at the lodge at no extra charge. Our heavy-duty cryovac vacuum packing machine and our efficient “blast freezer” insures your fish is of the highest quality. The average Silver weighs about 10 pounds, so you should leave Alaska with about 25 pounds of frozen fillets. They will be packed in an airline-approved, insulated container that will keep fish frozen for approximately 24 hours.
Yes, you may find our gear list here.
The climate along Alaska’s Gulf Coast is typical northern maritime, often with cool temperatures and cloudy skies. During August, however, the sun can be hot and intense and we recommend you bring some sunscreen. During September and October, temperatures vary between 40 and 55 degrees in the afternoons, and there may be frost on the ground on clear mornings.
Our satellite telephone communications will enable you to call anyone anywhere in the world. We also offer limited Wifi via satellite internet service, so you can check emails and make online calls on your phone or laptop.
We take up to 12 fishermen per week.
Trips are 7 days, from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. You will depart Cordova Airport at approximately 9am and arrive at the lodge at 10am. Flights may be delayed due to weather, and we will notify you of any delays or changes.
We have 11 staff members at the lodge to serve a maximum of 12 guests.

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